About Softmotion 3D: The Leader in Lenticular Printing and Technology

Lenticular Printing Company serving New York and Montreal

Softmotion® 3D is the leading lenticular 3D fine art producer with over 25 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients. Our team specializes in lenticular 3D creations and printing, and we are dedicated to delivering high-quality products and services to our clients.

Softmotion 3D is a lenticular printing company that was founded in 1997 by Guy Brisson. We specialize in the design and production of lenticular images and are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of satisfaction. We offer a range of lenticular printing services, including design assistance, conversion, printing, finishing, and installation, all at affordable prices.

We constantly push the boundaries of lenticular technology and strive to create innovative and visually stunning products that help our clients stand out in the crowded marketplace. Whether you are a retailer looking to increase sales with motion displays, a designer seeking to create a unique and interactive experience for your clients, or an artist looking to showcase your work in a new and exciting way, we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed.

Thank you for considering Softmotion® 3D for your lenticular printing needs. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your marketing and creative goals.

I’m Guy Brisson, owner of Softmotion 3D. I began my career with Eastman Kodak in 1974 and managed the sales development of lenticular applications for major film production houses. In 1997, I started Softmotion 3D after Eastman Kodak sold its lenticular printing division. Since then, we have produced and shipped over 3000 lenticular productions worldwide and have served high-profile clients such as Apple, IBM, BMW, and numerous advertising agencies. We believe in educating our clients on the potentials and limitations of the lenticular medium to set quality expectations for a rewarding experience. In the past couple of years, we have been recognized as a leader in the lenticular printing industry due to our transparent communication and world-class services. In my free time, I enjoy architectural marvels and golf, as well as contributing to the Shriners Hospital research to improve the quality of life for children. If you or someone you know could benefit from our expertise in large format and 3D lenticular printing services in North America, please visit our website at www.softmotion3d.com.

Our Mission

Our mission at Softmotion 3D is to provide our customers with innovative and effective lenticular printing services that help them stand out in the marketplace. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service, and we strive to continuously improve and evolve to meet our client’s changing needs.

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