Lensless Lenticular

Softmotion 3D welcomes you to explore the captivating realm of lenticular printing and the innovative Lensless lenticular applications. Lenticular printing is a technique widely used for creating captivating visual effects. It involves the use of specialized lenses to hide and reveal alternate images based on specific viewing angles. Similarly, Softmotion 3D’s Lensless lenticular applications employ a unique approach using small triangles strategically placed to obstruct and reveal different parts of the image as viewers move around the kinetic art space.

Lenticular printing and Lensless lenticular applications share the goal of delivering visually stunning displays and kinetic art spaces that effortlessly draw attention and engage viewers. While lenticular printing achieves the flip effect through specialized lenticular lenses, Lensless applications provide an equally captivating experience with their innovative use of obstructive triangles. Both methods allow viewers to witness alternate images “transition” as they change their viewing angle.

Softmotion 3D’s Lensless applications offer a versatile solution for a wide range of mural settings, including trade shows, retail displays, and wall decor. With their limitless size potential, these instalations can make a bold statement and convey multiple messages effectively. Setting up artwork for Lensless applications is a seamless process, requiring two print-ready art files. Our skilled team ensures efficient production, with mockups typically ready in approximately one week. Crafted with archivable quality polyester film material mounted to an aluminum composite, our Lensless productions are easy to handle and install, requiring only metal cleats and a rail for mounting.

In addition to Lensless applications, Softmotion 3D also offers traditional lenticular printing, providing an array of options for large format animated images. Whether you choose the innovative Lensless applications or the time-tested traditional lenticular approach, both options guarantee captivating displays that leave a lasting impression. Contact Softmotion 3D today to discuss your project and explore the limitless possibilities of lenticular printing and Lensless applications.

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