Softmotion 3D Terms & Conditions

Please read me first!
Before you place an order:

A physical prototype or mockup, at the cost of $69,95, shipping included, is recommended before placing any order on the Softmotion 3D store.

At Softmotion 3D, we strive to provide the very best products and services at the fair market value, and since we value the relationship of all our clients, large or small, Softmotion 3D wants its customers to know exactly what types of products are being sold.

We like to provide the information below on the limitations of the lenticular medium, before beginning the production of any project and before accepting any form of payments.

Special Considerations

  • Colors shown on your computer monitor or tablet shouldn’t be perceived as an accurate representation of the final colors printed on your product selection. The colors of the final product may vary slightly because of the brightness of the Softmotion 3D substrates and variation in printing workflow.
  • While extruding the lenticular lenses used to print the 3D images, the manufacturing process will leave cosmetic imperfections such as tiny specs and lenticules of different thickness on the lenticular medium.
  • These cosmetic imperfections, similar to weaving imperfections on a painted fine art canvas, are not visible when viewed from the appropriate viewing distance. Lenticular 3D prints are designed to be viewed from at least 2 feet away from the image.
  • The speed of the animation on the Softmotion 3D store is a simulation only and will be different once installed on your wall. When moving around the animated art form, it will move at your own pace, fast or slow, depending on your preference.

Guarantee & Return Policy

Softmotion 3D lenticular prints are custom designed in nature and therefore, they are not returnable and will not be credited.

However, if the prints are damaged when received, we will provide replacement at no charge at the following conditions:

  • You must provide a picture of the damaged packaging
  • You must provide a picture of the damaged print
  • You need to report the problem and request a replacement whithin 10 days of reception.
  • You must not remove the laminated protective plastic sleeve on the print. Removing this sleeve will void the guarantee.
  • Call us at (855) 355-1629 or email at whithin 10 days of reception to make your claim.
  • Once approved for return, you will ship the damaged product back to us for replacement at your cost. We will ship a new product and absorb shipping cost for the replacement.

Rights to Contents and Intellectual Property

The copyrights to all original materials, content, selection, and image architecture, including text, images, look and feel, design, etc. are proprietary to Softmotion 3D, its parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, or third party licensors. You may not copy, reproduce, modify, commercially exploit, distribute or make any derivative works from this in any way, without the express prior written consent of Softmotion 3D.

Any name, logo, trademark, service mark, patent, design, copyright or other intellectual property appearing on our website is owned or licensed by Softmotion 3D or its parents, affiliates, or subsidiaries and may not be used by you without the prior written consent of Softmotion 3D or the appropriate artist / owner, or licensor.

Custom Made Projects

In addition, Softmotion 3D, along with the lenticular printing industry, feels there are some responsibilities customers must exercise when purchasing and receiving Softmotion’s custom made lenticular 3D products.

These are the precautions that both Softmotion 3D, as well as customers needs to take while manufacturing, packaging and handling lenticular prints.

  • At Softmotion 3D, we use state of the art crating products and packaging technics. Each print is thoroughly inspected and photographed before leaving our premises. Photos of your works and its crate are archived in your personal file at Softmotion 3D.
  • Lenticular lenses are fragile. Therefore, recipients should wear cotton gloves to remove prints from all crates or special packaging. Cotton gloves are included in all crates and only cotton gloves provided by Softmotion 3D should be used. Cheap gloves may contains abrasive particules and will scratch the prints.
  • When handling larger prints, such as a 48’’ X 96’’ work, 2 person will be required in order to avoid kinking the prints and consequently creating tunneling and air pockets between substrates layers.
  • Lenticular panels are extruded from an optically clear acrylic resin which become brittle when cured. Edges and corners are more prone to stress cracks and chipping and one needs to handle with extra care. Keep all protective films and plastic corners in place until hanging the prints.
  • Use a clean soft cotton rag to remove finger prints and dust. Never use glass cleaner or detergent since it will leave a film on the print.