Demonstration of Eaton’s products Using Lenticular Flip Effect


144 feet W X 8 feet H. 12 lenticular phased tiles of 48” W X 96” H


2 phase transitions. Lenticular Flip

The animation of 2 images. A quick transition of 2 images, each vanishing and then reappearing from one to another, is ideal for demonstrating “ cause & effects “ or “ before & after “

Lenticular Storyboards

Demonstration of Eaton’s products in various mechanical operations in the field of Hydraulics, Aerospace, Vehicles, both Industrial and consumers to name a few.

Softmotion 3D partnered with New York based museum exhibition design firm Ralph Applebaum Associates, to design and fabricate the showcase installed at their Cleveland Experience Center in Cleveland, OH.

The medium of lenticular photography beautifully suits the Eaton Experience Center’s objective, to provide education on their products. The lenticular medium projects a world that is moving through space and drifting through time.

Lenticular prints actively engage the viewer, whose own movement animates them. As the viewers move around the images, they can see them come to life before their own eyes and they can appreciate the features of Eaton Corporation’s products in a hydraulic, electrical or motorized environment.

SEGD Merit Award 2014

Eaton Experience Center is a large-scale immersive multimedia installation integrated into the main atrium space of the Eaton Center in Cleveland, Ohio. It was created to help communicate Eaton’s values and strengths to employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, media, and government and civic leaders and to provide a communal space for employee and talent acquisition events. Visitors enter the building via the Entry Gallery. Along one wall of this curved, day-lit walkway is a 144-foot-long lenticular graphic mural that subtly animates the space as people pass by, offering an artistic view of the breadth and depth of Eaton solutions while providing inspirational messages about how Eaton solutions benefit people every day.

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