Josée Pedneault Lenticular Fine Art


Lenticular Phased Mural. 20’ wide x 6’ high
Artist Photographer Josée Pedneault Montreal Canada for Quebecor HQ Lobby


3 phase lenticular transition


A transition of 3 images, each vanishing and then reappearing from one to another, featuring the smooth flow of cubes and colors changing in motion.

Artist Statement:

The piece Géométrie Variable has been conceived and realized for the hall of Québecor’s headquarters. The graphic composition made with lenticular imagery changes according to the angle with which the work is viewed. The motifs of the cube, stars and wheels have been chosen for their dynamic and modular qualities. The panoramic piece, adapted to the function of the space, comes to life by the natural movement of people in the hall.

Explore the Possibilities:

Since the inception of barrier screen technology by Clarence W. Kanolt, and the experimentation on lenticulated glass by Maurice Bonnet, the limitations of 3D imagery have been transcended to produce works of art that is no longer overwhelmed by its own process.

Moving around an image, giving it volume, being at the heart of the representation, seeing a moving scene in three dimensions; today computer techniques and optically clear lenses enable us to fulfill all of these ambitions, or at least facilitate their realization.

In the last 15 years, Softmotion 3D has been the leading lenticular 3D fine art producer for some of the finest artists and architects around the globe. Even if conquering the process was necessary for these artists, they were successful in raising the bar to new levels, and bring what is perceived to be primarily commercial imaging applications, into an emerging art form.

Expand the realm of experience with the lenticular 3D format, by letting the viewer interact with your art in motion, the natural expression of your initial intent…With a creative team specializing in lenticular 3D creations and printing since 1997, we can help you migrate your project onto lenticular 3D substrates.

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