Experience the Magic of our expert Lenticular Printing services

Outstanding Customer Service

We pride ourselves on customer service and strive to be exceptional. We are courteous, patient and professional, and we always go above and beyond to ensure our clients are satisfied. Our team is friendly, helpful, and always available to offer feedback and technical advice.

Quick Turnaround and Reliable Deadlines

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines for our clients. That’s why we offer fast turnaround times, have a strong understanding of project management and can deliver high-quality results efficiently. Trust us to deliver on time, every time.

Lenticular Printing: Durable, Eye-Catching, and Engaging

Lenticular printing is durable and long-lasting, as the lenticular substrate is resistant to fading, scratching, and other types of damage.

Cost-Effective: Get Visual Motion Effect Without Video Production

Experience cost savings with our high-quality lenticular prints: a lenticular image is more affordable than video production while still creating a motion-like effect and can be used across multiple marketing channels or products

Get Expert Design Assistance for Your Lenticular Project

Looking for help with your lenticular design? Look no further! Our team of experts can assist you in creating a lenticular concept that will perform well on the medium and stand out to your audience. With step-by-step guidance, we ensure that you avoid any errors that could lead to disappointment. Here are the benefits of our design assistance service:

  • Expert guidance from experienced professionals
  • Avoid costly mistakes and ensure success
  • Customized approach to meet your specific needs
  • Streamline the design process and save time
  • Get the best results for your lenticular project

Transform Your 2D Designs into Stunning 3D Lenticular Imagery with Our Conversion Services

Our team of experts can take your regular 2D image and transform it into a stunning 3D lenticular design. With our conversion services, you can bring your vision to life and create a unique and eye-catching final product. Here are the benefits of our conversion service:

  • Experienced team of designers and technicians
  • High-quality conversion process to ensure optimal results
  • Variety of 3D lenticular printing options available
  • Customized solutions to fit your specific needs
  • Fast turnaround times for efficient project completion

High-Quality Lenticular Prints: Trust Us to Deliver the Best Results

Our lenticular printing services ensures that you receive topnotch lenticular art prints on the substrates of your choice. With our attention to detail and commitment to quality, you can trust us to deliver results that exceed your expectations. Plus, we’ll even provide a video of the finished product before shipping and final payment, so you can see for yourself how great it looks. Here are the benefits of our lenticular printing service:

  • Expertly printed lenticular images
  • Wide range of substrate options
  • Pre-shipping video review
  • Unmatched attention to detail
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Daniel Le Francois

Softmotion 3D’s experience gives it an excellent comprehension of project management stakes.
We received a mockup within a few days!

Expert Finishing Services for Your Lenticular Prints

Get the professional look you want for your lenticular art prints with our expert finishing services. We have you covered, from framing and mounting on high-quality substrates to bracing solutions for installations. Here are the benefits of our finishing services:

  • Choose from a variety of framing and mounting options to suit your needs
  • Protect your prints with our durable and high-quality substrates like Dibond and acrylic
  • Keep your installations secure with our custom bracing solutions
  • Enhance the appearance and longevity of your lenticular prints with our expert finishing services
  • Trust our team of professionals to handle all aspects of your finishing needs.

Professional Installation Services

Trust us to handle the installation of your lenticular display with care and precision. We offer installation services or can facilitate the process with a third party under our supervision. Here are the benefits of our installation services:

  • Experienced and trained installers
  • Attention to detail to ensure a flawless installation
  • Flexible scheduling to fit your needs
  • Wide range of installation options available
  • Supervised installations to ensure quality control

Yona Pelovski

As a moving image artist who also works with lenticular print, I highly recommend Softmotion. Their professionalism, attention to detail and flexibility are second to none. For my last project, I considered printing in China because of the considerable cut in cost, but after carefully weighing all variables, I still chose Softmotion as they also helped me to rethink the production stream and fit their cost into my budget. An excellent all-around service!

Bring Your Graphics To Life With 3D Lenticular Printing

  • 3D lenticular printing allow viewers to see different images from different angles
  • Interlaced graphics are magnified and displayed through optically clear acrylic lenticules
  • Lenticular printing creates a dynamic, animated effect that engages the viewer

Experience The Power Of Lenticular Animation: Engaging, Dynamic, And Eye-Catching

  • Lenticular animation captures the viewer’s attention by displaying changing images as the angle of view is altered
  • Interlaced graphics and optically clear acrylic lenticules create a simulated video-like animation
  • Lenticular animation adds a dynamic and engaging element to your marketing materials, setting them apart from traditional static designs

Lenticular Flip: The Animation Of 2 Images.

  • Lenticular Flip allows you to animate two images and demonstrate “cause & effect” or “before & after.”
  • With a quick transition between the two images, Lenticular Flip adds a dynamic element to your print
  • This unique printing method is perfect for showcasing the transformation of a product or concept

Experience The Magic Of Still And Animated 3D Lenticular Printing

  • Bring your images to life with 3D lenticular printing
  • Create a dynamic, interactive experience for viewers
  • Get as close as a hologram with the ability to move around and examine the image in three dimensions

We offer 3D Lenticular Printing Services to clients across New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Miami, Washington, Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Dallas in the USA, Toronto, Ontario, Chambly, Montreal, Quebec, Calgary, Vancouver in Canada and all over North America.

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